Conceptual Thinking Masterclass


Conceptual Thinking is the individual skill in creating multiple ideas fast, cutting through complexity and developing them into powerful Concepts.

Conceptual Thinking fuels and directs inspiration by allowing individuals to create and nurture ideas. This type of ‘creative’ thinking is seen as a gift or talent- it is not, it is a skill. How does it work? By combining the structure of business and moonshot attitude of creative processes. You start applying the structure through tools that unlock the non-linear, creative thoughts and combine the power of the two- you do this over and over again until the skill becomes an instinct.

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-We train the individual brain because it is unique, because it is better that one person thinks his or her idea through vs hijacking it in a classic brainstorm. We do so in class formats like the Online Masterclass Conceptual Thinking.

-You can apply it with a team as an alternative to traditional group brainstorming and we’ll show you how

-We also apply it to specific projects for our clients, assisting with design and r&d

-It is our design philosophy and we have over 20 years of combined professional and educational/research experience in the field


“This method has given me the framework to take a well-structured step back from my projects. I now have the instruments to come to insights I could not have imagined in my usual way of strategy development. More than in more traditional trainings I followed, Conceptual Thinking provided me with a good mix between generic knowledge and individual feedback.”

Koen Snoekckx, director Baltan Laboratories