NEW BOOK- Right brainer by Marijn van der Poll

Consider the following as you read on. 

  1. Your left brain has received a solid 20 plus years of training, your right brain, 0.
  2. Your left brain has clever tools such as math, language, and science. Faced with everyday, open-ended, slightly more complex questions, and we wind up staring at a canvas or clutching small pieces of sticky yellow paper.
  3. For all of the business processes that deal with complex issues, we have overlooked the foundational element of it all, ‘the idea’.
  4. Generating and developing ideas is not a mystical talent but a common skill, with a finely tuned instrument. You.
  5. This course will show you how to harness the power of ideas for when the shit hits the fan. In short, it will ensure your career survival.

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