Water cohabitation: how we live together with water

The Embassy of Water places humans back in the natural water ecosystem and shows that the water transition is more than retaining, slowing down, and filtering. We explore how architecture and design can help us give water a central, respectable role in the heart of society. We make a change in how we deal with water: from product to use to living elements with which we learn to live together again.

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If we want to make a better world for ourselves and our children, we must review our relationship with water. We have an important role in the functioning of a good ecosystem. Let us become part of the water system again. Our water consumption only constitutes a small cycle within the big water cycle. Let us become a part of the water system again by revisiting the way water flows in our bodies, our houses, and society. Where we keep a dynamic balance and no longer disturb the natural balance. Where we are not relying on an ecosystem that serves us humans, but rather the opposite: we serve the ecosystem. We support, strengthen and shape society with water.

We design our water consumption and our water-friendly home in a way that does not burden existing natural systems. We interact consciously and sparingly with our high-quality water sources.

The curator of this Embassy is Anouk van der Poll, founder of the Embassy of Water and product designer.

Water School: Indirect Invisible Water